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Bring Your Home to Life with Lutron Lighting and Shading

Invigorate Your Home with Illumination that Adds Vibrancy and Well-being

Bring Your Home to Life with Lutron Lighting and Shading

Light is a vital element of our lives. It shapes our surroundings, perceptions, and general well-being. The lighting in our homes is often lackluster, leaving rooms dull and uninviting.

Natural light provides innumerable benefits since our very evolution and biology are directly tied to it. Exposure to the sun initiates the production of Serotonin, the hormone related to happiness and focus, and vitamin D, which aids in nutrient absorption and in building neurotransmitters.

Lutron lighting and shading systems provide more than illumination to guide your way in the dark. Taking on a more human-centric approach in your smart home, the company designs its products to balance whole-home wellness with aesthetic vigor.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities for your Malibu, CA home? Read below to learn more.

Building a Smart Home? What to Look for in a Home Automation Installer.

Make sure your integrator has the expertise to meet your smart home expectations

Building a Smart Home? What to Look for in a Home Automation Installer.

Adding smart technology or home automation to your San Marino, CA, home is a life-changing investment — automation completely shifts the ways you access, operate, and manage your home’s technologies. Building a smart home starts with hiring the right home automation installer. An experienced integrator firm will be able to install systems that meet your functional and aesthetic needs and communicate seamlessly with the easy-to-use control interfaces of your choice.

The right integrator will make your home more comfortable, accessible, and convenient to use. Read our blog post to learn the leading criteria to look for when choosing your home automation expert.

In the Market for an Outdoor TV? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Choosing an outdoor television is very different from selecting an indoor one

In the Market for an Outdoor TV? Here’s What You Need to Know.

April arrives with warm, agreeable spring days in California. Now that daytime temperatures are climbing into the 70s and evening temps are balmy but not cold, you may be ready to spend more time relaxing on the patio after work and on the weekends. Plus, summer sunshine will be here before you know it — and we know you’re ready for the swimming, tailgates, and barbecues that come along with summer fun. Now is the right time to invest in an outdoor TV to enjoy movies, TV shows, and sporting events on the patio and pool deck.

If you’re considering bringing an indoor TV outside, we strongly advise against it for several reasons. Standard TVs aren’t designed for outdoor use — and your wallet will end up suffering the consequences. At ZHiFi, we recommend a high-quality TV from Séura, a leading brand in the outdoor television industry. Keep reading to learn why Séura is the better choice for your Brentwood, CA, outdoor spaces.

3 Reasons Why We Love Control4 for Home Automation

No other system can compete in terms of reliability, versatility and user-friendliness

3 Reasons Why We Love Control4 for Home Automation

With smart technology and smart home automation popularity on the rise, there are a lot of big-name brands to choose from when you’re ready to pick an automation control system for your Beverly Hills, CA home. And since your smart home hub will determine how easy or challenging it is to use your home technology, you want to ensure you pick the right system. 

At ZHiFi, we recommend Control4 home automation for multiple reasons. Control4 develops its products with you in mind  systems offer several choices for control interfaces, control interfaces are user-friendly and easy to organize, and no other system comes close to Control4’s interoperability with third-party smart devices. 

Keep reading to learn why we recommend Control4 for your home automation needs.