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Articles in Category: Smart Home Lighting- Pasadena, CA

For the best smart home lighting installation and service in Pasadena, CA, call ZHiFi. Our expert staff can handle any project, residential or commercial.

How to Choose the Right Smart Lighting Solution for Your Home

Whether you opt for a wired solution or a wireless one, we have the expertise you’re looking for

How to Choose the Right Smart Lighting Solution for Your Home

Smart home lighting is one of the most powerful and useful home automation systems available today. Lighting control makes it easier to control the fixtures in any room – or across your whole house – while also improving your energy efficiency and allowing for more stylish lighting designs.

But how do you know which system is right for your home? Even among leading brands like Lutron, it can be hard to figure out which system suits your needs. Broadly speaking, lighting control systems fall into two categories: Wired and wireless. Both wired and wireless solutions have pros and cons, and they’re more useful in different circumstances. Today’s blog will illustrate the difference between wired and wireless smart home lighting, and we’ll cover which type of system suits different situations for homeowners in Pasadena, CA.