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Articles tagged with: Voice Control

For True Home Automation, Experience the Josh.ai Difference

Josh.ai is a high-end, intelligent control system for whole-home automation

For True Home Automation, Experience the Josh.ai Difference

Alexa, have you met Josh.ai? Amazon Alexa is the biggest name in both DIY and professional smart home solutions when it comes to voice commands. But if you want to experience the true luxury of a voice-activated smart home, then Josh.ai is the superior choice for home automation systems in Newport Beach, CA.

While Amazon Alexa is smart, Josh.ai is intelligent, intuitive and adaptable. Here is what Josh has to offer that Alexa doesn’t.

What Are the Top Home Automation Trends to Watch in 2020?

Keep Up with the Latest Tech in Lighting, Voice Control and More

What Are the Top Home Automation Trends to Watch in 2020?

New smart technology is always emerging, offering new ways to make your home more efficient, fun and beautiful. Even the most tech-savvy homeowners have a tough time keeping up with the latest trends. As the go-to smart home company in Newport Beach, CA, a vital part of our job is letting you know of the best products and features.

Here we'll outline some of the technology trends that could have a significant impact on your home automation system in 2020. In this blog, we focus on things you'll be using directly like a more seamless voice control experience and lighting fixtures that boost your mood.

Still, it's important to note that significant changes are happening behind the scenes as well. Emerging AV over IP solutions are making it easier to share content throughout the house. Meanwhile, 5G networks will help all your smart devices communicate directly to reduce latency and boost efficiency.