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Articles tagged with: Circadian Lighting

Want Better Sleep? Consider Circadian Lighting

Improve Your Sleep Patterns With Tunable Lighting

Want Better Sleep? Consider Circadian Lighting

We live in a busy world where productivity equals long hours at work. But all those long hours can take their toll, especially if we aren’t getting enough sleep at night. Often when you’ve been on the go all day, it's difficult to shut down at night and then even harder to wake up in the morning. But the solution could be as easy and correcting the light in your home. With circadian lighting installed in your San Marino home, you can get the kind of sleep you need to keep healthy and happy. 

Rise With the Sun: How Circadian Lighting Can Enhance Your Day

Smart, human-centric lighting can improve your energy levels, productivity and mood throughout the day

Rise With the Sun: How Circadian Lighting Can Enhance Your Day

Do you often find yourself feeling groggy, tired and out of sorts during the workday? But then at night, you feel wide awake, restless and unable to get the sleep you need to be productive the next day at work? If this cycle repeats itself week in and week out, the lighting exposure you receive may be partly to blame.

Lighting has a significant impact on our physical well-being and emotional and mental functioning. Smart home lighting using circadian technology is one way you can bring increased wellness and healthier lighting solutions into your Santa Monica, CA, home.

If you’re working from home more often these days, now is a great time to invest in circadian lighting to increase your productivity and alertness during the workday. ZHiFi Home Automation can help you design and install the right solution for your home.