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Want Better Sleep? Consider Circadian Lighting

Improve Your Sleep Patterns With Tunable Lighting

Want Better Sleep? Consider Circadian Lighting

We live in a busy world where productivity equals long hours at work. But all those long hours can take their toll, especially if we aren’t getting enough sleep at night. Often when you’ve been on the go all day, it's difficult to shut down at night and then even harder to wake up in the morning. But the solution could be as easy and correcting the light in your home. With circadian lighting installed in your San Marino home, you can get the kind of sleep you need to keep healthy and happy. 

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Why Circadian Lighting is Important

Science says that our sleep cycles, or circadian rhythms, are correlated to Earth's rotation. This means that while we might think we can stay up for an all-night movie marathon, our bodies know that when the sun goes down, so should we. Furthermore, there is a correlation between the amount of light we get each day and our health. When this internal clock is maintained, we get appropriate light each day; it helps our bodies sleep at night and get the good restorative sleep we need. 

But our lifestyles are often in opposition to our natural tendencies in the form of long working hours or other stressors that make it difficult to wind down at night. Also, artificial lighting confuses our bodies, so they aren't sure what time it is. But with circadian lighting installed as part of your lighting control system, we can imitate those natural sun rays and get our bodies back on track. 

How to Get the Most From Your Lighting Control System 

There are several ways circadian lighting can create the healthy lighting environment you need in your home. Color tuning can generate cooler lighting temperatures associated with full sunlight and the time of day when you are most alert. Stimulus tuning can be done through circadian lighting to reduce blue light as the day progressesFinally, intensity tuning can be used to adjust the intensity of lighting fixtures through dimmers or through your lighting control system to mimic the transition of time throughout the day. 

Schedule these changes to happen automatically through your lighting control system along with motorized shadingtoget natural daylight when you can and supplement it with circadian lighting in the spaces where you need it. 

Circadian lighting can help keep your family healthy with simulated natural light. Find out from one of our certified Lutron experts how you can install it in your home by calling us at 626-437-4441 or schedule a consultation by filling out our contact page