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Articles in Category: Home Theater Design Santa Monica, CA

For exceptional home theater design and installation services in Santa Monica, CA, look no further than ZHiFi. Call (626) 437-4441 to start your project.

Install Dolby Atmos For A Superior Home Theater Design

Hear and feel the difference truly immersive surround sound makes in your Santa Monica home theater

Install Dolby Atmos For A Superior Home Theater Design

Whether you’re watching an action-packed epic or a heartfelt romance, having quality sound in your home theater matters just as much as your visuals. Hearing that gigantic explosion and feeling the bass in your chest, or a well-timed musical cue when our leading couple finally admits their love for each other, helps to bring you into the scene.

These factors are why your choice of sound system makes such a crucial difference in your home theater design. And for the most immersive audio experience available, Dolby Atmos is what you want in your Santa Monica, CA home. This blog will walk you through how Dolby Atmos systems work and why you want Atmos in your home theater. Read on to learn more.