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Your home is built to provide comfort and enhance the way you live, work, and play – from the faucets to the furnishings, each plays a part. Of all the elements that influence your outlook and general well-being, none is more influential than how it is illuminated. 

The installation of standard fixtures often focuses on practical solutions like guiding your way in a hallway at 4 am or keeping your property safe. However, smart home lighting offers a more personalized way to shape your environment, set the ambiance for dinner, and bring balance to your circadian rhythms.

Are you curious about the possibilities for your Brentwood, CA home? Then keep reading below to discover more. 

3 Reasons Why We Love Control4 for Home Automation

No other system can compete in terms of reliability, versatility and user-friendliness

3 Reasons Why We Love Control4 for Home Automation

With smart technology and smart home automation popularity on the rise, there are a lot of big-name brands to choose from when you’re ready to pick an automation control system for your Beverly Hills, CA home. And since your smart home hub will determine how easy or challenging it is to use your home technology, you want to ensure you pick the right system. 

At ZHiFi, we recommend Control4 home automation for multiple reasons. Control4 develops its products with you in mind  systems offer several choices for control interfaces, control interfaces are user-friendly and easy to organize, and no other system comes close to Control4’s interoperability with third-party smart devices. 

Keep reading to learn why we recommend Control4 for your home automation needs. 

3 New Products You Should Ask Your Control4 Dealer About

New Control4 products include the Chime Doorbell, Red Neeo Remote, and the T4 Touch Panel

3 New Products You Should Ask Your Control4 Dealer About

Looking for unique ways to upgrade your home during the holiday season? Start with the latest additions from home automation giants Control4. Opt for video doorbells that make it easier to track packages, universal remotes that allow for seamless entertainment and ultra-fast displays that respond to your every command.

One of the reasons we’re proud to be the go-to Control4 dealers in San Marino, CA is that we get to introduce our clients to the latest and greatest in home technology. For more information on Control4’s latest releases and how to implement them in your home, keep reading below.

Why an Air Purification System Is a Must for Your Smart Home

Create a Healthier Environment for the Entire Family

Why an Air Purification System Is a Must for Your Smart Home

Before the pandemic, 90% of our time was spent indoors. So, you can only imagine how much time we now spend indoors, especially since many of us are working from home as well as homeschooling our children.

Indoor settings naturally offer less ventilation and poorer air quality than do outdoor environments. Pollutants, such as dust particles, are found in homes more often than any other indoor structures and are prime breeding grounds for viruses, bacteria, and dust mites.

Air purification systems integrated with our smart home automation in San Marino, CA, set and controlled on the digital device of your choice, offer you and your kids an in-home environment where you can live and work comfortably and literally breathe easy.