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3 New Products You Should Ask Your Control4 Dealer About

New Control4 products include the Chime Doorbell, Red Neeo Remote, and the T4 Touch Panel

3 New Products You Should Ask Your Control4 Dealer About

Looking for unique ways to upgrade your home during the holiday season? Start with the latest additions from home automation giants Control4. Opt for video doorbells that make it easier to track packages, universal remotes that allow for seamless entertainment and ultra-fast displays that respond to your every command.

One of the reasons we’re proud to be the go-to Control4 dealers in San Marino, CA is that we get to introduce our clients to the latest and greatest in home technology. For more information on Control4’s latest releases and how to implement them in your home, keep reading below.

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1.  The Chime Doorbell

Smart home automation continues to introduce us to groundbreaking technology. For instance, the new Chime doorbell revolutionizes what the traditional video doorbell can do. Not only can you see who’s at the front door through a high-resolution screen and communicate directly, but you can customize it as part of a general security solution.

The Chime Doorbell lets you trigger particular events when someone approaches your front door. For example, when someone approaches your front door, you’ll receive a notification on your smartphone, smart TV or dedicated tablet. At the same time, you can have lights automatically turn on and locks activate.

Did you miss an alert during the day? Worry not! Access the Chime Doorbells video log to see who was at your front door and when. This way you can rest assured no gifts go missing this holiday season.

2. T4 Touch Screens

While on the subject of the Chime doorbell and home security, let’s look at the new Control4 T4 Touch Screen. Every Control4 T4 Touch Screen in your home can show you and your family members who’s at the door if the doorbell is pressed or if there is motion detected outside your door.

With dual microphones, faster processing, and better speakers than any other Control4 touch screen up to now, the T4 Touch Screen is in a league of its own. The T4 Touch Screen is also known for its amazing video and audio quality while letting you manage all the lighting, shading, climate, security, AV and more in your home.

  1. The New Red Neeo Remote

Your smart home setup and experience should include your personal twist. Software programming is a part of personalizing a smart home automation system, and seasoned Control4 dealers have the education and training to tailor your Control4 system to your specific preferences and needs.

This brings us to another new product for Control4: the new red Neeo remote. The new red Neeo Remote unifies your smart home experience and leverages the complete power of your Control4 OS 3 setup. It allows you fast access to things such as streaming services, lighting scenes, and door locks. All while providing a vital tactile for quick adjustments while watching movies or TV. 

With these 3 new products for Control4, there’s never been a better time to talk with a Control4 dealer to get you on your way.

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