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Articles in Category: Motorized Window Shades

Did you know motorized window shades can boost your home’s style, energy efficiency, and safety? Explore our blog series to explore the greatest benefits of this smart technology.

2 Reasons Motorized Window Shades Are Perfect for Your Home

Reduce Costs and Protect Valuable Furnishings With Smart Shading

2 Reasons Motorized Window Shades Are Perfect for Your Home

Motorized window shades are the perfect addition to any home, especially in today’s economy. These window treatments not only help you save money on energy costs, but they also protect your home’s furnishings (and even the paint on your walls).

We recently installed Lutron shades in the home of one of our customers in Santa Monica, CA for precisely these reasons. After installation, they found that their heating and cooling bills became a little more manageable, and they loved the convenience of shades that managed themselves and didn’t have to be opened and closed manually each day.

How to Reduce Energy Costs with Motorized Window Shades

Enjoy All the Perks of Natural Light Without Hurting Your Décor or Wallet

How to Reduce Energy Costs with Motorized Window Shades

Eco-conscious technology solutions are a massive priority for homeowners throughout Pasadena, CA. Although homes don't have to follow many of the state's strict energy codes, their recommendations will significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Not only does California's energy commission require solar panel roofs, but it also provides various lighting standards. Designed to eliminate waste, these specify the use of highly efficient LED fixtures, motion sensors, and astronomical clocks.

Optimizing your artificial lighting is only the first step to eliminate the need for artificial lights. Reading this blog, you’ll not only learn about the benefits of daylight harvesting but how motorized window shades help you achieve it.