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How to Reduce Energy Costs with Motorized Window Shades

Enjoy All the Perks of Natural Light Without Hurting Your Décor or Wallet

How to Reduce Energy Costs with Motorized Window Shades

Eco-conscious technology solutions are a massive priority for homeowners throughout Pasadena, CA. Although homes don't have to follow many of the state's strict energy codes, their recommendations will significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Not only does California's energy commission require solar panel roofs, but it also provides various lighting standards. Designed to eliminate waste, these specify the use of highly efficient LED fixtures, motion sensors, and astronomical clocks.

Optimizing your artificial lighting is only the first step to eliminate the need for artificial lights. Reading this blog, you’ll not only learn about the benefits of daylight harvesting but how motorized window shades help you achieve it.  

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What Are the Benefits of Daylighting?

Sunlight can serve a vital role if you let it into your home. With more sunlight, you reduce your dependence on artificial lighting to cut down on energy costs. Natural light also improves your circadian rhythm and overall mental health. Finally, in the colder months, sunlight also lends a helping hand for your climate control. The sun's rays warm up your house, so you don't have to rely on heaters.

How Can You Harvest Sunlight?

How can you make sure you’re getting as much sunlight as possible? During the construction stage, many builder and architects take window placement into account to fill the space with sunshine as efficiently as possible. You'll see a lot of homes in California with south-facing windows that improve heating in the winter and north-facing windows that allow for indirect sunlight. Shades and blinds then help you manage sunlight as needed throughout the day.

How Can Motorized Shades Help?   

Let’s start by discussing the main benefit of using motorized shades for your daylight harvesting: intuitive control. By using schedules, sensors and smart apps, you can access sunlight when you want while getting rid of it when it’s in the way.

Rely on schedules that automatically open shades in the morning to welcome you with natural light to wake up refreshed and focused. In the summer months, you can also schedule shades to close during the hottest times of the day to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

Sunlight is great when it's indirectly filling up your home. When it's hitting your window directly, it causes glare and can damage your valuable artwork and electronics. Employ photo sensors that will instantly close shades whenever a particular window is hit directly by sunlight.

There may be times you’ll want to quickly block out sunlight. How can you get rid of inconvenient lighting if you are trying to watch a movie or take an afternoon nap? You can close and open shades with a simple tap on a touchpad, smartphone or keypad.

You don’t have to sacrifice your décor to take advantage of daylight harvesting. Our Lutron shading partners offer a wide variety of fabrics, models and finishes for any environment. Use Venetian blinds in the kitchen, blackout shades in the bedroom, and drapes in the living room to easily manage your home’s sunlight.

Do you want to start taking advantage of daylight harvesting? Find out how our lighting control systems and motorized window shades can help! Give us a call at 626.437.4441 or fill out our contact form.