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6 Reasons a Home Automation System Is the Right Choice

Integrate All Your Smart Devices for Added Efficiency and Comfort

6 Reasons a Home Automation System Is the Right Choice

Do you want to embrace the latest smart technology when it comes to speakers, cameras, televisions, thermostats, and more? As you explore your smart home options, you’re going to encounter two popular approaches.

With a DIY approach, you add various smart devices over time and control them all via individual apps. Professional home automation systems, on the other hand, unite all your technology under one platform from the start.

Why should you consider the latter when it comes to your smart home journey? Below we highlight the benefits of a fully integrated home automation system.

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1. One-App Control

The most significant benefit of a home automation system is that you can consolidate everything into one app and reduce clutter on your smart device. Any time you want to make any changes, you do from one user interface instead of having to learn ten different applications.  

2. Alternate Control Options

Home automation also lets you branch out into other control options as well. Manage your technology from dedicated touchpads, universal remotes, elegant keypads or even via voice commands.

3. Technology Dashboards

One of the coolest aspects about home automation apps is that they also divide your technology by rooms. From a general room dashboard, you can see which lights are on, if any music is playing, and see if all doors are locked.

4. Greater Personalization

While individual smart devices tend to be one-size-fits-all, home automation systems offer a wide array of customization options. Beyond the control varieties we mentioned above, you can also customize your app interface for easy access to your favorite features with each member of the family having their own profiles.

5. Smart Scenes

Scenes let you save your favorite settings for a wide range of activities, so you can pull them up at the press of a button when needed. For example, a movie scene dims the lights, closes the shades, and turns on your TV to your favorite streaming service. Your professional installer will create initial ones for you, but you can edit them or add new ones through your app in the future.

6. Automated Solutions

Scenes are vital to the 'automation' part of home automation. Scenes can activate automatically based on sensors, schedules or specific triggers (like a fire alarm going off).

A 'Good Morning' scene will turn on your lights, open shades, and raise your thermostat every day at 6 a.m (or whenever you wake up). An emergency scene activates when your fire or security alarm goes off. It will turn on all the lights, unlocks the doors, and turns off your HVAC to keep fire and smoke from spreading.

Home automation systems let you create reliable, artfully crafted smart technology solutions. Do you want to find out how you could add one to your home? Give us a call at 626.437.4441 or fill out our contact form.