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Upgrade to Control4 OS 3 to Do More with Your Smart Home

Improved smart home OS offers greater customization, faster controls, new features, and more!

Upgrade to Control4 OS 3 to Do More with Your Smart Home

Your smart home’s control system is the nervous center of your house. It’s what binds all your different home automation systems together. The importance and centrality of your control system makes any upgrade to that system very exciting, and that’s certainly true for Control4’s OS 3 update. OS 3 is a top to bottom overhaul, and it adds or improves a number of features for your home automation system. Today’s blog will outline the changes and updates in OS 3 and how they can benefit families with smart homes in Pasadena and other parts of California.

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With OS 3, Control4 has made it easier than ever to customize your automation system to fit your home. To start, you can now select a distinct background in the Control4 app for every room in your house. You can upload your own photos, or you can choose from among Control4’s premade library of wallpapers. This extra bit of personalization makes it easier for you to find and see which room you’re controlling through the app. If you have wall panels for control surfaces, you can take a picture of the wall around the panel and use it for the panel’s background, helping the panel better blend with your décor.

A bigger change with OS 3 is the new Favorites system. Using Favorites, you can pick favorite rooms or activities – like your home theater or your sound system – for easy access and then select those activities in seconds from your home screen. Favorites are also specific to individual devices, so you can have certain actions or rooms set for your phone and make different selections on a remote, wall panel, etc.


The new Favorites system is just one example of OS 3 making control of your smart home simpler. You can pick anything you’ve picked as a Favorite from the main Rooms Screen. OS 3 also includes new gesture control software. Gesture control gives you faster, more fluid control over things like your cable or satellite TV guide.

At the broader level, there’s the new Sessions system. Sessions let you see and control your TV or sound system throughout your home. You can adjust the volume systemwide or in specific rooms, add or remove rooms from different media Sessions, or turn different devices on or off. As just one example, you could deactivate your outdoor speakers but leave your other speakers playing.


Control4 has said that OS 3 includes more than 1,000 new features and enhancements. Among those enhancements, OS 3 includes support for Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) music streaming, giving you the absolute highest audio quality. There are also new filtering options to make it easy to see the status of specific systems like your lights, security system, and others at a glance.

OS 3 marks a significant update to Control4 home automation systems. To find out more, get in touch with us today at (626) 437-4441. You can also visit our contact page.