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Why an Air Purification System Is a Must for Your Smart Home

Create a Healthier Environment for the Entire Family

Why an Air Purification System Is a Must for Your Smart Home

Before the pandemic, 90% of our time was spent indoors. So, you can only imagine how much time we now spend indoors, especially since many of us are working from home as well as homeschooling our children.

Indoor settings naturally offer less ventilation and poorer air quality than do outdoor environments. Pollutants, such as dust particles, are found in homes more often than any other indoor structures and are prime breeding grounds for viruses, bacteria, and dust mites.

Air purification systems integrated with our smart home automation in San Marino, CA, set and controlled on the digital device of your choice, offer you and your kids an in-home environment where you can live and work comfortably and literally breathe easy.

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If You’re Health Conscious, You Should Also Be Conscious About the Quality of Your Home’s Air

For those of us who are now hesitant to go to the gym, there are several wearable health monitoring devices like Apple Watch, Fitbit, and Samsung’s Gear Fit that can talk to your other smart home products.

These may have functions like cooling off your home AC during a strenuous workout or prompting your home theater system to play a workout video with your favorite YouTube health instructor.

While avoiding the crowds at the fitness center, and the obvious health risks, you also want to avoid the same risks while exercising at home. This is one reason we love air purification and monitoring systems from Pure365.

Pure365’s whole-house air cleaning system keeps your home contaminate-free and eliminates viruses, mold, bacteria, and fungi.

Their control and monitoring systems have the ability to sense the levels of carbon dioxide, particulate matter, radon, and organic compounds in the air, which you can view on your phone using the Pure365 app.

When pollution levels reach a predefined threshold, their monitors contact your smart home thermostat to make the appropriate adjustments.

In addition, scientists have discovered that the air pollution found inside people’s homes is 5 times more concentrated than it is outside.

Such substances contributing to the pollution in our homes that may seem harmless include air fresheners, paints, pesticides, and the often over-used disinfectants we have been using to keep us safe during the current health crisis.

Let Us Discover What Kind of Air Purification System Is Right For Your Home

We all want to come home to a safe and comfortable environment. That’s why it’s now more critical than ever to ensure the air we breathe is as safe as possible.

Let’s talk about how we can install and automate an air purification system specific to your needs.

Contact us today.