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Rise With the Sun: How Circadian Lighting Can Enhance Your Day

Smart, human-centric lighting can improve your energy levels, productivity and mood throughout the day

Rise With the Sun: How Circadian Lighting Can Enhance Your Day

Do you often find yourself feeling groggy, tired and out of sorts during the workday? But then at night, you feel wide awake, restless and unable to get the sleep you need to be productive the next day at work? If this cycle repeats itself week in and week out, the lighting exposure you receive may be partly to blame.

Lighting has a significant impact on our physical well-being and emotional and mental functioning. Smart home lighting using circadian technology is one way you can bring increased wellness and healthier lighting solutions into your Santa Monica, CA, home.

If you’re working from home more often these days, now is a great time to invest in circadian lighting to increase your productivity and alertness during the workday. ZHiFi Home Automation can help you design and install the right solution for your home.  

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What Is Circadian Lighting and Why Is It Important?

The human body operates on a 24-hour cycle, called the circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm affects mood, behavior, energy levels, alertness and sleeping-waking patterns throughout the 24-hour day. When your circadian rhythm is in balance, it aligns with the earth’s natural solar cycle: bright sunlight signals the brain to release chemicals that increase your mood and energy during daylight hours. Warmer hues signal the brain to release chemicals that tell your body it’s time to sleep at night. If your body is on a regulated, healthy circadian rhythm, you’ll sleep peacefully at night and feel alert during the day.

Unfortunately, we often fall out of balance with our circadian rhythms. We work long hours, sleep too little (or not at all) and don’t have access to enough natural sunlight. Harsh artificial lights and poor access to light in office environments leads to tiredness, eye strain, poor mental health and restless sleep. Circadian lighting (also called human-centric lighting) is an exciting new technology that can help us get back in touch with our circadian rhythms.

Smart technology has allowed brands like Ketra — a Lutron company — to bridge the gap between natural and artificial lighting. Ketra’s Natural Light is a dynamic tunable lighting solution that mimics both sunlight and firelight to create a nourishing living environment. Circadian lighting can help you receive healthier lighting exposure during the day and bring your body back in balance with its natural rhythm.

The Benefits of Human-Centric Lighting

A circadian lighting system changes the color temperature and intensity of light in your living spaces throughout the day. Ketra’s Natural Light solution projects cool, bright-toned light during daylight hours and shifts to warmer, softer and redder hues as the sun sets. When your body moves through the day in balance with its circadian rhythm, you’ll feel energized and productive during working hours and achieve more restful sleep at night.

Circadian lighting has the potential to:

  • Increase your energy levels and productivity during daylight hours
  • Improve your mood and sense of well-being
  • Improve your memory, concentration and cognitive functioning
  • Aid in more restful sleep
  • Bolster your immune system and metabolic function

Smart Home Lighting Promotes Wellness

Ketra is a fully customizable and controllable solution that integrates seamlessly with smart home systems from Savant and Lutron. Your Natural Light setting will automatically adjust the hue and intensity of light in your spaces based on the time of day. You can move through your days freely while reaping the wellness benefits of nourishing lighting. You can also make custom scenes in every room of your home to set a specific mood or highlight artwork and décor.

At ZHiFi Home Automation, our experts can help you design and install a human-centric, smart home lighting solution that promotes wellness in your Santa Monica, CA, home. We’re here to help you use technology to find greater comfort and convenience in your spaces. Call us at 626-437-4441 or fill out a contact form so we can set up a consultation. We’re excited to hear from you!