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The Ultimate Guide To Whole Home Audio Systems

Create An Auditory Experience In Every Room

The Ultimate Guide To Whole Home Audio Systems

The need to be connected at all times has spilled into our houses as well with smart home automation systems that keep your devices interconnected and easily accessible from a single panel. Incorporating an audio system in your home can provide audio availability in every room of your home, which can be managed from a single control system. The system might seem complex, but once we break it down and explain its benefits, you'll be able to understand its appeal.


What Is Whole Home Audio?

Similar to surround sound, which strategically places speaker systems in a room to ensure maximum sound quality, a whole home audio system allows you to achieve a similar effect, but it is not limited to a single room as the speaker systems are placed in the entire house. These speakers can be controlled remotely using a tablet or smartphone so you can adjust your audio settings accordingly. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Whole Home Audio System?

Immersive ExperienceInEvery Room 

A whole-home audio system allows you to have a unique audio experience in every room as you can use the system to play music in one room while having a cinema-quality movie experience in another. The volume can also be adjusted so the speakers can create a general ambiance in your home, and if you require a more individualistic experience, the speakers can limit the output to a single room. 

Enhanced Control 

While you can install individual surround sound systems in different rooms, these devices cannot communicate with one another as they are not controlled by a single system. A whole-home audio system provides multiple options with the tap of a screen, and you can store preferences that can be set on a timer, so the audio system kicks in at a specified time every day. 

The convenience of a whole-home audio system makes it a popular option for homeowners looking for a well-integrated entertainment system that produces a high-quality sound throughout the entire house. There are also multiple options available to suit your home audio needs as there are service providers such as Control4, Savant, and Sonos who are experts in the field.

If you're ready to upgrade your sound system to incorporate it in every room, Zhifi is available to assist you with any questions and equipment you might be interested in. Call us today at (626) 437-4441 or visit our contact page.