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Top 3 Reasons You Need Motorized Blinds In Your Home

Add the Ultimate Convenience to Your Home With Smart Shading

Top 3 Reasons You Need Motorized Blinds In Your Home

Sunday afternoons are for relaxing and enjoying the people and things you love most. And when it’s cold outside, a nice warm fire in the fireplace is the perfect ingredient to bring it all together. The only thing that can mar a perfect cozy winter day inside is not having enough lighting. And when the days are shorter, you want to get as much natural light as possible.

If you have motorized blinds in your Brentwood, CA home, you can get the perfect amount of daylighting to read a book or do a crossword without ever leaving your comfy chair.

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Great for Those With Limited Mobility or Access

When I broke my foot in high school, I had no idea how difficult it would be to perform ordinary tasks. There was no going up the stairs at first, and I thought long and hard before heading back and forth to the kitchen for snacks. When your mobility is impaired, you start to notice how you can make everyday living more convenient. Motorized blinds can be a huge convenience. Window coverings can be cumbersome and time-consuming to adjust, even with complete mobility. But with motorized blinds, you can adjust them from one interface on your smartphone or tablet without having to move an inch.

Easier to Adjust Those Large, Oddly Shaped Windows

Window coverings can add so much to a space in terms of aesthetics. They can add a pop of color or style while also providing shading during sunny days and much needed natural light on the cloudier ones. But adjusting those hard-to-reach blinds in high or odd spaces can be nearly impossible. Installing motorized blinds can take all the pain away from that, though, allowing you to adjust them with a click of a button. Lutron offers a wide range of models so you can find ones that match every application and design.

Takes the Math Out of Adjusting Daylight for Your Home

I love natural daylight, especially in the colder winter months when it is in short supply. But it is often midday before I remember to go around and open all the blinds. If by some miracle you do get them all open before the sun sinks behind the horizon, it’s time to close them again. This can get tricky the more rooms you have.

But with motorized blinds, you can take all the mental acrobatics out of remembering when and where you opened and closed them. Just open up your shading controls on your automation system interface and adjust them all to your liking. While you are at it, you can schedule them to open at a specific time, in individual spaces. That way, you can keep the bedroom shades closed so you can sleep in but have them open to let in all the early morning sun when you go to the kitchen to get your morning coffee.

Motorized blinds take the guesswork out of controlling the natural light in your home. If you’d like to find out more about integrating them into your lighting control system, give us a call at 626-437-4441 or reach out to us here to talk to a lighting control expert.