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Does Laser Projection Make a Difference for Home Theater Design?

We’ll Pull Back the Curtain on Common Entertainment Tools

Does Laser Projection Make a Difference for Home Theater Design?

You’ve likely sifted through many display options by now. Let’s assume you’ve ruled out the TV display and decided that a projector best suits your home theater’s visual needs. Now, you might be surprised to learn about all of the other options awaiting you: You still have plenty of projectors to choose from, especially since we work with all the top brands like JVC, Barco, Sony, Epson, and Digital Projection. 

So, which of these tools should you show off in your Newport Beach, CA, home soon? We think you’ll know when you finish reading this article. We’ll walk you through the most popular variants - the lamp, LED and laser projectors - and run through some benefits and applications for each to help you decide which fits your home theater design and specifications.

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Lamps, Lasers and LEDs

Lamp Projectors - Once considered the standard projector technology, lamp projectors might slowly get phased out in favor of the flashier devices we mention below. However, they’re still relevant in specific applications, like small, dark theaters that allow you to mount the projector directly facing the projection screen.

Its suitability also depends on your lifestyle: How often would you use it? Though these models have developed longer lifespans than their predecessors, they still require lamp replacement after about 2,500 hours, deterring today’s efficiency-focused customers. Clients who only use their projectors for a few hours a week might benefit most from these affordable options. Plus, manufacturers have released a dual-lamp iteration to get the higher brightness and definition of the more expensive models below.

Laser Projectors - If you want the maximum brightness and the sharpest color range, a laser projector might be worth the investment. Most laser home theater projectors offer higher lumens, usually between 2,500 and 5,000: This brightness not only clarifies the picture and allows a broader color range but also gives you more flexibility in your room selection. For example, though you don’t need a high lumen count to project an image in a dark media room, you will need one to display pictures clearly in a sunny media room or living room. You can think bigger, too: Laser models can handle outdoor museum displays, churches and auditoriums with ease.

These also come with a much longer lifespan and come with the added benefit of not having to change the lamp regularly. A lifespan of 20,000 hours is typical for laser projectors, nearly 10x the duration of the lamp projector. Another perk that you won’t get from a lamp projector? You can place a laser model at a non-standard angle within the room and still project a clear image.

LED Projectors - First introduced in 2017 with Hitachi’s 3,500 lumen, LED model, LED projectors have steadily gained more attention as technology advances. The solid-state lighting source means that you don’t have to change the lamp, just as we saw with the laser. In fact, LED projectors offer many of the same benefits as their laser counterparts, such as low upkeep, non-standard angle mounting and high lumens. Though LED projectors were once considered lower in both quality and brightness than laser varieties, manufacturers keep delivering updated models, including some LED/laser hybrids, to catch up.

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By now, you might have a clearer concept of which projector you’d like to see in your home. The next step is installing the technology that makes your home theater design vision come to life.

We can find ideal projector placement based on various factors like the product you choose, your room size and shape and seating configuration. Leave that to us! Start with your no-hassle consultation by calling us today at (626) 437-4441. You can also visit our contact page. We look forward to working with you!