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2 Reasons You Need to Consult Professionals for Your Smart Home Setup

Making Sure Your Smart Home System is in Tip-top Shape is a Job for the Professionals

2 Reasons You Need to Consult Professionals for Your Smart Home Setup

Having a smart home system is becoming more and more the norm as we venture into the future.  When putting together a smart home system, you have two choices.  One is that you attempt to do it yourself, and the other is to consult professionals.

Many may think that both time and money will be saved by doing the job themselves, so it may seem obvious that’s the best way to proceed.  This matter may not be as simple as you think.

Our customers in Brentwood, CA know that they can count us to take them from A to Z for all their smart home system needs.  Whether it’s automated shades or a great security system, we will make sure that your smart home system is operating at its highest potential.

Below are two reasons that a professional smart home system will yield better results.

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1. Setting Up Whole-Home Scenes May Be Difficult

Many smart devices these days advertise how simple and easy they are to use.  This may be the case; however, integrating these devices into a full smart home system is not always easy. 

If you want to have full functionality of all your devices while at the same time making them simpler to control, you will absolutely want to have professional help.

A professional will not only be able to set up your smart home system, but they will also be able to guide you on how to use your smart home interface to control everything from motorized shades to LED lighting.

Another reason you want to work with a professional is that they can help with more than just the setup of individual devices. They can also help you to create whole-home scenes.

Whole-home scenes are settings for your smart home that change a variety of smart devices at once to set a particular scene for your entire home.

For example, you could set “away” as a scene, and this would close all your blinds, raise or lower the thermostat, turn on the porch lights and dim some interior lights while leaving others on. You might also want a TV to turn on so that it looks like someone is home.

Without working with a professional, you might find that the process of putting these scenes together is not only time consuming but also headache-producing. At times, it’s not even possible without their professional tools.

For whole-home scenes, we prefer to work with Savant because their products work together seamlessly and are exactly what you need when you want to put together a wide variety of whole-home scenes.

2. Setting Up the Right Foundation

While going completely wireless sounds good in theory, for the most reliable results, you’ll need a strong wiring foundation connecting all your AV, security and networking components.

A professional not only ensures that you’re using the right cables and configuring all devices properly, but they’re experts at running wires through walls and ceilings so everything stays hidden from view.

You want to just know that your devices are working properly.  You don’t need a visual representation in the form of clutter to remind you how complex your smart home system is.

Connect with us today to talk about smart home systems. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you on the path to designing your dream home environment.