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8K: The Latest in High-Tech Film Projection Technology

New Technology Can Guarantee an Authentic Cinematic Experience for Years to Come

8K: The Latest in High-Tech Film Projection Technology

The diversity and quality of at-home entertainment technology is at an all-time high. Along with the multitude of streaming platforms to choose from, current events have motivated homeowners to create their own ideal home theaters.

Choosing which kind of film projector you want to install is an investment that will affect your home theater experience for years to come. That’s why it might be time to invest in an 8K movie projector.

The design professionals at ZHiFi Home Automation in Beverly Hills, CA will be able to install and customize your home theater venue with the latest high-end audio and visual equipment so that any room you choose will be able to offer the best at-home movie-watching experience.

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The Visuals of an 8K Projector Are Second to None

To be thrown back into your seat by heart-stopping visuals, you must have the best screens and film projectors available. The future standard of excellence in film projectors is definitely one that displays 8K resolution.

Technically speaking, when you want to install a home theater with a giant 300-inch screen, your projector is going to need to output a measure of brightness that is 10,000 lumens. Most home theater projectors max out at around 5,000 lumens, but an 8K projector can give you a whopping 37,000 lumens of light output brightness. 

Just as importantly, an 8K projector delivers an astounding 35 million pixels in its images. This not only means clearer, crisper images. It also means you can sit closer to the screen without any pixelation—allowing for larger-than-life displays in your theater.

But to know exactly what kind of space and screen you need to accompany your projector, you’re going to first have to consult with a professional home theater designer who’s had years of experience understanding how lighting, size, screen size and more affect performance.

Once you have consulted with a home theater designer and he has gathered the data on the room you’ve decided to put your theater venue, the two of you can then determine the size of the screen and the placement of your theater seating. This will determine the ideal installation spot for your 8K projector, providing you with the optimal cinematic experience.

An 8K Projector Is Ideal For Home Automation

With a single voice command or button on a tablet or on-wall keypad, all of your home theater devices activate at once.

This is the promise smart technology brings to homeowners. If you already have smart home automation installed then an 8K projector will work much more intuitively with your system than many of the other flat-screen options available to you.

Once you have decided on an 8K projector, our professional installers will run a series of tests on your current home network to ensure your home theater system will run smoothly and without any interruptions.

If you have decided to take the next step in the evolution of home theaters, connect with our team here to get started on designing the ideal theater venue.