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Make Your Property More Entertaining With An Outdoor Sound System

This Season, Take Your Backyard Fun to The Next Level With Superior Audio

Make Your Property More Entertaining With An Outdoor Sound System

The time of lazy days by the pool, barbeques in the backyard and enjoying the outdoors is upon us! One of the special privileges of homeownership is the ability to entertain outside. Your yard is where family milestones are celebrated, neighbors gather to watch the big game, and friends come to reconnect.

No matter what you are doing, spending time free of your home’s confines makes the food taste better, the drinks more refreshing, and the music more poignant. So whether you listen to the radio, play songs from your curated collection, or stream HD tunes, an outdoor sound system gets you moving. 

Are you looking to make more of your Brentwood, CA backyard this summer? Read more to find out how.

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Just because you are spending more time in your yard does not mean you leave the convenient luxury of your smart home technology behind. You can create the same sensations your whole-home audio system delivers, enveloping you in music no matter where you are.

Sound works a bit differently outdoors; the audio needs to fill a space without boundaries. Indoors installers rely on the reflections and walls to provide enhancement while minimizing the power required. An outdoor sound system needs to recreate the full mid-ranges, crisp highs, and rumbling lows you feel and hear without restoring to excessive volume.


Your backyard is not used for one purpose, and you don’t need the same audio everywhere. In the same way, you use lighting to create ambiance or set the mood, audio helps to define your spaces. With the sound of your voice or at the touch of a button, make your parties more fun and personalized.

A zoned system allows you to create the right environment for everyone without generating a cacophony of noise and distraction. Play the latest pop hits by the pool for the kids, more subdued music for the folks sitting in the gazebo, and lifelike sound while watching sports at the deck bar. 


A lot of work goes into the design and upkeep of your landscaping. There is no need for the speakers and subwoofer to distract from the rich greenery and floral bounty of your yard. Music is meant to be heard, not seen with units that blend into the foliage or architecture.

High-end outdoor speakers from trusted brands in the industry can maintain your backyard aesthetics and withstand the harsher elements – while still delivering a crystal-clear sound performance. Outdoor audio equipment from brands like Coastal Source, Sonance, and Martin Logan aim to make your sound system a natural part of your property. The robust and subtle design of these speakers results in you and your guests experiencing full-bodied sound that fills your yard without overwhelming its surroundings.


Outdoor entertaining brings family and friends together, from fun in the sun to movies under the stars. Are you ready to bring your backyard to life?  Call our expert team at 626.437.4441 or fill out our contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to working with you!